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Twizel New Zealand
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Twizel NZ is an alpine village situated in the Mackenzie District in the South Island of New Zealand. Twizel is the closest town to Mount Cook and the Tasman Glacier and setting for many scenes from Lord of the Rings and many other movies. Twizel is a fly fishing paradise with its many lakes and rivers brimming with world record trout and salmon.
Twizel, the home of world class fly fishing in New Zealand's South Island - Mackenzie Basin. It has been said that there are enough streams and rivers here to fish new water for 6 years or more. All Waters hold both wild Rainbow and wild Brown Trout. The Mackenzie basin offers a variety of fly Fishing water, from fast flowing mountain streams to gentle chalk stream type water. Just 10 minutes from Twizel you will find the Tekapo river, boasting the largest population of fish per kilometer in the south island.

Or, if like myself, the legs aren't quite like they used to be, fishing the canals with your surfcaster or boat rod can be trully satisfying with Rainbow Trout and Salmon up to 27 lb regularly being caught.

During the fishing season Twizel usually enjoys dry days with temperatures in the mid 20C- 30C, however, it can experience some cold, wet and windy days as well as heat-waves.

River and stream fishing, walking upstream, spotting and stalking rainbows and browns, is a style of flyfishing often referred to as "hunting" trout. Spotting trout in fast waters or poor light conditions requires many years experience and is a skill top New Zealand guides excel at. Whenever possible the dry fly is used, however as 80% of trout feeding is on nymphs near or on the river bed, logically weighted nymphs will have a higher success rate.

The key to flyfishing success in New Zealand is accuracy and presentation. Our true wild strain trout generally do not tolerate sloppy casting. Both presentation and drift are essential and it certainly makes for challenging and exciting fishing. Nearly always we cast to visible trout and having guided and fished extensively overseas I can say that there is nothing to compare with this style of New Zealand flyfishing.

The Twizel area offers the anglers a variety of fishing opportunities from spring creeks and gentle streams to larger rivers, all well stocked with prime rainbow and brown trout. All this with the world famous Southern Alps and Mt Cook as a backdrop. The huge watershed of the Southern Alps provides sparkling,crystal clear, cool waters, the perfect habitat for trout. The region also has one of New Zealands most reliable climates.
Twizel New Zealand
Twizel New Zealand
Twizel New Zealand
The Tekapo River
The Tekapo River is a braided river system that drains from Lake Tekapo and flows 25 kilometers before entering Lake Benmore. The best fishing is to found below the confluence of the Maryburn and Gray Rivers, which are themselves both very high quality fisheries. The Tekapo River holds one of New Zealand's highest numbers of good sized Brown and Rainbow Trout. This river is willow lined offering trout both shade and security. By New Zealand standards this river has prolific numbers of both Mayfly and Caddis so the visiting angler can expect some hatches through the day, especially early and late in the season when water temperatures are lower.The Ahuriri River

The Ahuriri River is very aesthetically pleasing, especially in the upper headwaters. It is a meduim sized river rising in the Southern Alps and flowing through tussock open country before emptying (as does the Tekapo River) into Lake Benmore. The lower section to 10 kilometers above the lake is not unlike the Tekapo River with very high trout numbers of average size. Similar files to those used on the Tekapo River are successful here. The upper reaches are known for their trophy Brown Trout.Trout numbers are not high however trout there are not only large but particularly beautiful and usually in magnificent condition. These are very wary fish as their size would suggest, but the skilled and patient angler will be rewarded. Very exciting fishing can be had when the cicadas are on the water in mid February to early March. Believe me, nothing gets the adrenalin going more than the sight of a large Brown rising from the depths of a crystal clear pool some 8 to 10 feet deep, to suck in a large 8-10 Terrestial pattern.
Twizel New Zealand
Twizel New Zealand
Twizel New Zealand
February to March is my favourite time to be on the river. Fly hatches are not as prolific here and the fish are more opportunist feeders, so presentaion rather than fly pattern is the essential element.

1) What is the best time of the season? The beginning of the season can be very good. Early November December the fish are hungry and general in pretty good condition. The weather however can be a bit wild, being close to the mountains Sunny mornings followed by snow, not uncommon. January February the caddis start hatching out in the high country, which can be loads of fun. Good dry fly time. March April generally will find you along on the rivers, Aprils is begging to get a bit colder, but lovely mornings and warm afternoons, the weather is more stable.

2) What to bring. The weather in the early part of the season can often be unpredictable with sunny skies in he morning followed by snow in the afternoon. Foul weather gear a must. A second rod in the case of one breaking 4,5, and 6 are fine selection, though at times a heavy rod in the wind can be best. Recommend having darker lines, the bright colors very visible to fish.

3) The invasive alga didymo. Please log on a read the information regarding the spreading of the alga.

Twizel New Zealand
Welcome to Bodhitrout - Twizel, the home of world class fly fishing in New Zealand's South Island - Mackenzie Basin. It has been said that there are enough streams and rivers here to fish new water for 6 years or more. All Waters hold both wild Rainbow and wild Brown Trout.
Twizel New Zealand
I believe that spotting is the paramount requisite of guiding but also being an astute tactician is a must in this day and age. I am confident of my ability to get you on to fish and have a no hook-up, no fee policy when guiding 1 person for a full day regardless of fishing ability.
Twizel New Zealand
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Twizel New Zealand is approximately 500 meters above sea level. Twizel is surrounded by mountain ranges and has a very distinct climate. Twizel NZ is accessible from Christchurch through Burke's Pass, from Queenstown through the Lindis Pass and from the East Coast through the Waitaki Valley.